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"I am praying TO SAVE A LIFE helps us turn the tide with the 8% of young people who even go to church and most importantly, that it helps the church kids realize that 92% of their peers are headed for a Christless eternity. I'm praying it has a great opening weekend that, once again, blows away the cynics and skeptics when they think about Christian movies."
—Pastor Michael Catt, Executive Producer, FIREPROOF

"One of the many things I love about the movie To Save A Life is how it portrays in a very real [non-cheesy] way the different pressures teenagers face. It opens doors for students to talk with trusted leaders on where they see themselves in the story."
—Doug Fields, Founder: Simply Youth Ministry & Author: Purpose Driven Youth Ministry

"This generation of teenagers wants to make a difference, but they are bogged down by the most pervasive and life-threatening influences of any previous generation. To Save A Life is a wake-up call for all teenagers to the fact that they are on this earth to express the love of God on their campus, in their family and in their communities."
—Ron Luce, President Teen Mania

"An Excellent Film. This film is relevant and thought provoking. It is effective at developing a contrast of ideas with today's culture."
—Josh McDowell, Speaker & Author

"Teenagers are going to love the story and cast in To Save A Life. Super realistic portrayal of life on a high school campus — not all fake, like some movies, but the real stuff. This is a movie you’ll want to see with friends."
—Mark Oestreicher, President, Youth Specialties

"To Save A Life flashes moments of genuine brilliance, and the multiple storylines all lead to a satisfying ending. While it has some doses of reality in it people might typically shy away from in a church setting (the film is PG-13 for thematic images), it is shown when story-critical and is tastefully done."
—Josh Griffin,, High School Pastor, Saddleback Church

"To Save A Life portrays timely issues for today’s teens. Youth workers, parents, and teachers should definitely capitalize on this opportunity to take teens to the theater. Riveting conversations will follow."
—Craig Detweiler, Director Reel Spirituality Institute & Associate Professor Fuller Theological Seminary

"As a middle school youth worker, I can see the lonely students in my ministry going unseen and unheard until someone says yes to being a friend. This movie is one more catalyst to helping our teenagers understand the power of that sort of love."
—Brooklyn Lindsey, Youth Worker & Author, Confessions of a Not-So-Supermodel

"This movie is awesome. It conveys the raw emotions of life, and is a gritty testament to the ups and downs of high school. To Save A Life shows that life isn’t easy and relationships can be messy. My friends who have seen the film are already talking about it and encouraging others to go see it."
—Zach Hunter, Teen Author & Speaker

Teens are going to relate to the numerous issues addressed in this movie. I can’t image a single teenager not being able to find at least one character to identify with in the story. It’s a powerful film that no doubt will inspire great conversations among teenagers and youth groups. I was also very impressed with the quality of the young actors in the film.
—Shane Stacey, EFCA National Student Ministries Director

To Save A Life is a redemptive story based on circumstances, including some very difficult ones, in today’s student world. As a leader and parent, I look forward to viewing this film with my family upon its release.
—Jay Mooney, National Youth Director, National Youth Ministries, Assemblies of God

"This is one of the most incredible movies I have seen in a long time. Certainly not your standard ‘Christian film.’ Vitally important subject. The approach is raw, but to be less so would be unrealistic."
—Tim Way, Divisional Merchant Manager, Family Christian Stores

"I recommend the film for teens and parents alike. The movie has strong, realistic content and includes important messages for everyone. I enjoyed viewing it very much.
—Matthew Robaszkiewicz, Coordinator, National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry

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