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Frequently Asked Questions

What's To Save A Life about?

To Save A Life is an incredible indie-movie about the real-life challenges of teens and their choices. The movie provides a huge outreach opportunity to gather teens and those who care for them and to explore the themes of the movie with the resources described on this site.

When does the movie release on DVD?

The DVD for home entertainment is available now. For leaders wanting to show a group at your school or church, To Save A Life movie licenses and promo packages are also available now.

How do we get involved?

Group Leaders can show the movie in their church, school or group with a To Save A Life Movie Event. Purchasing a license allows you to show the film publicly—and create a huge outreach around the movie by having your teens invite their friends. Follow the tips in the Event Planning Guide or be creative to turn your youth room or auditorium into a theater. Of course, your event will need plenty of leaders and volunteers to organize and host or to lead follow-up discussions or small-group studies for teens and families.

Everyone can play a part in spreading the word about To Save A Life and helping to ensure that teens can see and benefit from it. You can begin by simply telling your friends and neighbors about the movie, and you can even show them the trailer. You can encourage your local youth workers, parents, pastors, teachers, coaches or community leaders to host a To Save A Life Movie Event. Or if you are part of one or more of those groups, get specific tips by following these links:

Can't I just show my group the home entertainment DVD?

Legally, no. Retail DVDs are for private use in a home. Groups must purchase a license to show the film. A license let's you show it publicly once or several times for up to one year. Learn more about license options. To Save A Life is not covered under any other umbrella licenses, such as CVLI.

What is the movie rated?

To Save A Life has been rated PG-13 by the Motion Picture Association of America "due to mature thematic elements involving teen suicide, teen drinking, some drug content, disturbing images, and sexuality." Unfortunately, teens today are hurting and facing challenges like never before—we see it in our own youth groups and local schools. (So does the film's writer, Jim Britts, who is an experienced youth worker.) Because of that, To Save A Life doesn't shy away from tough topics. It deals with social divisions, school violence, cutting, suicide, teen pregnancy and divorce–not in a graphic way, but in a way authentic to too many teens' real lives. And it points to a way out of these problems through following God's path and reaching out to others. Ultimately, it asks the question "What's my life going to be about?" and dares teens to answer with boldness, honesty, and open-handedness.

I've heard the movie is edgy. Is that true?

To Save A Life is teens' story, told in their voice with their music. Unfortunately, teens today are hurting and facing challenges like never before. This movie takes a realistic view of teen life and addresses themes of acceptance, choices, consequences, hurt, and love. It also deals with critical issues such as social divisions, school violence, cutting, suicide, underage drinking, teen pregnancy and divorce. The movie shows in practical, authentic ways how every action has ripple-effect on others. That's why we're working to make To Save A Life more than just a movie. The movie demonstrates the power of reaching out to students who are hurting. We want to see every teen have the opportunity to address these issues in a safe environment like a group study and recognize that his or her choices and actions can bring hope and love into a world of pain.

What do teens think of the movie?

"To Save A Life makes me want to reach others and make a difference." —Jessica, 16, Orlando

"Every single thing that was shown in this movie is so relevant. High school is so hard. This movie will reach out to so many people." —Kailey, 16, Oklahoma

"I can use this movie to bring my friends closer to God." —Sam, 15, Baltimore

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What do youth workers and parents think of it?

"All of it was great! So many teaching points. Today's youth reality." —Shannon, youth worker, Alabama

"It is all the temptations and issues my kids are up against." —Jason, youth pastor, Colorado

"Movie like this will make my job easier. Well done." —Jeremiah, deputy sheriff, Florida

"I thought this was a movie for students, but as an adult, I cried from the time the movie started." —Mother of teen boys, Atlanta

"Really well done. I can't wait for my kids to see it." —Phoebe, wife of youth leader, Ohio

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What's the Church-friendly version of To Save A Life?

A few pastors felt that some families may be concerned with seeing certain content in To Save A Life at a church. With a desire to keep the reality of the film without sacrificing the story, we've developed a version of the movie with a decreased amount of bad language, a shortened bedroom scene and removal of more than half of the cutting scene.

The party scenes have been left as is and some bad language remains, but only where it was absolutely necessary for the story line or where editing it out would have created a noticeable gap in the flow of the movie.