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Media Reviews

“..Appealing, poignant and inspiring in ways that are gentle and quite real.”
Los Angeles Times

“TO SAVE A LIFE is one of the best-made movies ever, Christian or secular. It is that good.”
Ted Baehr, Movieguide

“To Save a Life demonstrates the continuing evolution of faith-themed films from sub-par niche novelties toward full-blown, commercial art with broad cultural appeal. … To Save a Life gives the most accurate portrayal of the youth-Christian experience in this country that I have ever seen in film.”
Big Hollywood

“It features good acting, excellent production values and even a solidly eclectic musical score that ranges from rap to alternative.”
Kansas City Star

“I wanted to show it to my 16-year-old daughter—because it actively applies biblical principles to serious subjects teens struggle with every day. But it's not just because she should see this movie. It's because she'd love to see it, too.”

“gritty, truthful and open about things that most times are overlooked or played out in a political correctness that white washes the issue … needs to be seen by groups of young people who want to engage their culture and think about life as a whole.”
The Mungle Show

“Take your teens, or send your teens. … a mature and enjoyable take on a serious subject. It's inspiring, relevant and real. It's got a message, but isn't preachy.”

“merits big picture comparisons. … doesn't look, sound or feel like other movies churches and ministries have produced. … easily rivals the general market standard for independent films. This in itself is a triumph.”

"The point of this film is that by following in Jesus' footsteps, teens can reach out to the hurting and the outcast. Their compassion may help change the course of their peers' lives—both now and for eternity. That's a message that could save a life."

“This will set up a lot of discussions with your children and non-Christian friends.  It’s worth your time and investment.”
Al Menconi

“The big take away of this movie is simple, yet powerful. Great film that had a very influential and impacting story. Anyone who deals with youths or teens on a regular basis needs to watch this film. It is an eye-opener, one not to be missed!”

“The characters come across as real, struggling with the things that today’s teen struggles with. The acting is spot on and “insider language” is kept to a bare minimum. … Having served in youth ministry for 7 years, I could have inserted any number of students I knew into the situations Jake faced throughout the movie.”

“An engaging, insightful film production with a powerful ending, To Save A Life is both entertaining and spiritually rewarding.”

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