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What People Are Saying

"I thought about killing myself. I cut. … My life is just messed up. This movie helped me a lot in realizing that my life is worth living and that there are many people who care about me. And committing suicide would just be the easy way out. So thank you all who made this movie cause it literally saved my life."

"This movie makes you think a lot, about everything. This movie has given not only me but tons of other teens courage to face another day!"

"I'm a youth pastor, and I took my teens to go see this flick. The movie was great and truly inspirational. It realistically dealt with the issues teens face today. It's a must see."
—Messinger Guy on Fandango

“It was the best movie I've ever seen! It is going to help a lot of people.”

“I loved the movie to death. It was personally life changing.”

“This movie was nothing short of amazing. It was touching. Our children need to see this.”

"I was inspired. I felt like I actually COULD make a difference."
— Erin

“I absolutely loved the movie. It's really changed me, and I'm willing to drag my friends by their ears to go see it if I need to! Seriously, it was incredible!”

“It is the best movie I have ever seen. It’s definitely a 10, and everyone I know will have to see it.”

"I'm not very religious. In fact, I don't even know what I actually believe in, but when I saw this movie, something CHANGED. … Maybe I was feeling God and for the first time actually letting him in. … This movie has truly changed my life and has helped me to have a part of my self be reborn."

“Wow! I think I shed more tears watching this movie than any other. Some of the characters reminded me of people I have known being a youth worker for 15 years. Fully support this movie!”

“Haven't been the same since. Very touching movie. Addresses the very subject we face as teens. ‘What's the point of all this if we don't let it change us?’”

“Just saw this movie today, and I have to say it was absolutely outstanding! The acting was superior. The cinematography and music and everything were right on par with Hollywood. I was super impressed!”

“If you've got a teenager, you've GOT to share this movie with as many of their friends! It's so relevant and spot on for what they endure from 13 to 18+. SO encouraging and very moving. My teens cried, and that says a lot. Very moving!”

“This movie is really spectacular. I cried and I told my youth leaders about it. Everyone needs to see this movie!”

“I am so inspired! Fun music, fantastic acting, incredible cinematography. I tend to be critical of Christian movies. Some of them seem to just be tossed carelessly around in the making, but I could feel the effort put into this movie emanating off the screen! Every shot looked well focused on and every word in the script seemed honestly cared about. There were many basic themes of a teenager's life all rolled into one character's life, but it wasn't cheesy or overdramatic. Also, it didn't try to convert anyone to any religion; it just stated the facts and let you decide what to do with them. I, for one, am motivated and inspired. God's going to do great stuff with this movie.”

“This is what all youth ministries have been waiting for and what every youth ministry needs! It's nothing short of amazing!”

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