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Conversation Cards

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Movie Trailers

Click here to go to the Official To Save A Life trailer page where you can find the movie trailer in all sizes.

Age Appropriate Trailer Download

The TO SAVE A LIFE theatrical trailer is meant for a theatrical audience and may be deemed inappropriate to show to all ages. We have provided an all ages appropriate version for download. Please choose a size the suits your needs. All trailers require the free Quicktime Player to view.

Free Movie Clips

Two free movie clips are now available for you to download, view and use with your campaign. Right-click on the clip title below and choose "Save As..." to save to your computer.

Clip: Let This Change You (age-appropriate version, click here)
Clip: Is It Worth It?

Each download above is a ZIP package containing Quicktime, Windows Media and MPEG-1 versions of the clip in both HD and standard sizes.

Web Banners

Use these on your current church website or blog to announce your group's To Save A Life series webpage! Create interest and excitement with these banners.

Copy/Paste the embed code below the banner to help promote TO SAVE A LIFE on your website, blog, etc.

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