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"Extra credit for all my students if they see it. Bonus points if they bring a friend." —Lindsey

"We are using the movie trailer at our public high school during Stop the Violence Week." —Shanon

"I am a retired teacher of at-risk students. This is a great movie dealing with teen depression, suicide, bullying, peer pressure and other important issues facing teens. I have taken a number of kids to the movie and they loved it. Many have seen it more than once." —Sally

"Powerful movie and very real in my experience of working with high school youth for many years, particularly those in crisis. A MUST SEE for high school students and anyone who loves them!" —Deborah

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"This movie saved my life. Last night I attempted suicide but didn't succeed, and my confirmation sponsor asked if I wanted to go see it today. As much as I didn't want to, I did and it made me think so much." —Nicole

"My entire high school went to see this movie, and I noticed a difference in people from the moment we walked out of the theater." —Samuel

"I wish everyone could watch it in high school like in an advisory class or something. I totally loved it! Big inspiration!" —Andrea

"My entire class went and saw this AMAZING movie. I have stopped making fun of people, and also stop my friends from doing it. This movie has definitely changed my viewpoint." —Samantha

"I thought about killing myself. I cut. My life is just messed up. This movie helped me a lot in realizing that my life is worth living and that there are many people who care about me. It literally saved my life." —Debra

"Before this movie, my outlook on life was so narrow. Now that I have seen this movie, I am completely and entirely moved to be someone who makes a difference. It would be amazing to see such a change in my school." —Courteney

"This movie is hands-down the best movie I've seen. I was crying, and I'm a 15-year-old guy in front of my friends." —Austin

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Using this film + products inspired by the story, you'll see students:

  • Willing to talk about the struggles they face
  • Opening their eyes to the hurting and lonely around them
  • Reaching out with love in action

You invest your life in students. Help them deal with important issues and reach out to others.

Every day you're in their world. You see their challenges and struggles. You see their politics and pain. You know they're hurting, and you give all you can to help them overcome and reach their potential.

To Save A Life is a project inspired by a passion to reach teenagers with life-affirming entertainment—the kind of movie educators, youth workers, parents and student leaders can get behind. It dives into raw youth culture and focuses on themes and critical issues including:

Acceptance Choices Consequences Real Life
Hurt Love Social Divisions School Violence
Cutting Suicide Underage Drinking Teen Pregnancy
Divorce and more...    

Every person has the power to turn the tide by choosing to remain aware and reach out—especially to those hurting on the fringes of teen culture.


  • Your students turning your auditorium into a theater and taking ownership of a special assembly to see the film at your To Save A Life Movie Event.
  • Teens on the social fringes and in the center of popularity opening up during discussions about the movie's themes.
  • Students transforming your school by reaching across social divides and reaching out to the hurting and outcast in their midst.

Teens love movies—especially ones that deal realistically with their world. Help your students open the dialogue and ask the question: What's my life going to be about? Imagine the difference this effort can make and how it can change youth culture for good!

How to launch your movie event:

  1. Using the movie in a public group setting requires a license. Check out the To Save A Life school license — it's only $25 — and it includes a poster and a planning guide.
  2. Mobilize your teens and community to spread the word and bring their friends.
  3. Go Deeper by launching a 7-week follow-up study and teaching kids to live it out.
  4. See lives saved and changed forever.

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Mobilize Your Students


Everyone can play a role in using this film to transform lives. Help your students be creative and spread the word.

  • Connect and collaborate with others in your area devoted to helping teenagers: schools, churches/youth groups, youth clubs (such as Boys and Girls Clubs of America), youth ministries (such as Young Life, FCA, etc.), recreation centers, businesses and others.
  • Share trailers and digital resources from
  • Spread the word through Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Twitter, blogs and other social networks and Web sites.
  • Send email and text blasts. Templates are available.

School to School


Coordinate with area schools to see the film together, and encourage students to come together around the themes of To Save A Life.

  • Work with coaches, teachers, counselors and student body officers at other schools to have "Oak Ridge High & Central High" To Save A Life night.
  • Plan a meal, bonfire, party or other gathering for students following the movie.
  • Have a counselor lead group discussion about the themes in the film, their impact on students, the needs they have in common in different schools and ideas to help each other.

Make It a Group Project


Teens who have seen To Save A Life want their friends to see it, too. Get your student leadership team involved in brainstorming and planning an outreach event they can take ownership in.

  • Give an advance showing for administration, school board members, other teachers and student leaders. They'll be excited to motivate their friends and ready to dialogue and reach out during the actual Movie Event.
  • Unleash your promotional team—your teens. Use the tools provided in the Movie Event Package to post announcements and spread the word around your school.
  • Give extra credit for students who attend if your event takes place outside normal school hours.
  • Conversation Cards are provided with the Movie Event so you can equip your students with nonthreatening follow-up questions to spark meaningful discussions with friends.

Give It a Theme


What’s an event without a theme to get excited about? Try these or come up with your own for a weekend Movie Event.

  • Hollywood Red Carpet Premiere. Rent a red rug and gather the paparazzi cameras for the arrival of teen-filled, rented limos. Make a rule that all formal wear must be bought at thrift stores or come from another decade.
  • Call the Lifeguards. Play up the life-saving theme with lifeguard t-shirts, life preservers, sunscreen—and truckloads of sand to create your own beach!
  • Make It a Film Festival. Recreate the movie theater experience in your auditorium. Break out the popcorn machine and Raisinettes. Show student produced short films before the main feature.

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Youth Curriculum


Your students will love to read more about the characters from To Save A Life!


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