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"It opens doors for students to talk with trusted leaders on where they see themselves in the story." —Doug Fields, Founder: Simply Youth Ministry Founder

"A wake-up call for all teenagers to the fact that they are on this earth to express the love of God on their campus, in their family and in their communities." —Ron Luce, President Teen Mania

"An excellent film ... relevant and thought provoking." —Josh McDowell, Speaker and Author

"Offers many opportunities for outreach and opening the door for deep discussions around things that matter to teenagers." —Hank Hilliard, Director of Young People's Ministry Development, United Methodist Church

"Youth workers, parents and teachers should definitely capitalize on this opportunity. Riveting conversations will follow." —Craig Detweiler, Reel Spirituality Institute & Fuller Theological Seminary

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"This movie was nothing short of amazing. Our children need to see this." —Nikki

"If you've got a teenager, you've GOT to share this movie with as many of their friends! It's so relevant and spot on for what they endure from 13 to 18+." —Donna

"As a mom of teens and a professional who works with teens, I found this movie to be realistic dealing with problems that are common among today's youth. To Save A Life generated great conversations and created a desire in my own kids to reach out to others around them who are hurting." —Mom of two teens

"My son and I still talk about this movie today." —Brenda


"My life to me seemed worthless. Then I saw that and thought I'm not alone. If it wasn't for that movie I don't think I would be here." —Teri

"I haven't been a troubled teen, and I don't know what it's like to want to take my own life. But I DO know this: This movie changed me. I want to save lives." —Alyx

"I was inspired. I felt like I actually COULD make a difference." —Erin

"I have thought of suicide because I never felt like I was important. I made decisions based on pressure by friends and worrying about being judged. I saw this movie and it made me realize that I am important to my family and friends." —Dan

"I went to see this movie with my youth group and was surprised at how relevant and good it is. I took three of my friends to see it, and now they have been talking to me about God and salvation and ‘life after,’ which they never had before." —Lauren

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Using this film + products inspired by the story, you'll see students:

  • Willing to talk about the struggles they face
  • Opening their eyes to the hurting and lonely around them
  • Reaching out with love in action

What was the last movie you wanted your teens to see? To Save A Life is more than just a movie—it's a feature-length film with follow-up opportunities like a youth group curriculum and a teen devotional centered around the Biblical value of reaching out to the hurting and lonely.

Teens already love to see movies together. Help them share it with friends. Group leaders can show the movie at their church, school or group with a Movie Event. Here's how you can help.


  • Your kids turning their youth room or school auditorium into a theater and bringing all their friends to a To Save A Life Movie Event.
  • Students who normally wouldn’t attend coming back for a study, growing in their faith and learning to reach out to others.
  • You and your teens going deeper with the themes of the movie in your home with a family study (below).
  • Your kids living out love in action like never before and transforming their schools and community.

Teens love movies. Help them be missional, grow in their faith and learn to reach out to others, and ask the question: What's my life going to be about? Imagine the difference this effort can make and how it can grow your group both in numbers and in spiritual depth!

How to launch your movie event:

  1. Select either the complete MOVIE EVENT PACKAGE or the basic MOVIE EVENT LICENSE.
  2. Mobilize your teens and community to spread the word and bring their friends.
  3. Bring the movie to life by launching a follow-up study and teaching kids to live it out.
  4. See lives saved and changed forever.

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Support Your Students


Bring help and hope by supporting your teen's efforts, encouraging local adult leaders to coordinate efforts and volunteering your time and resources to make outreach efforts possible.

  • Spread the word among your friends, family, coworkers and associates—both in person and through your online social networks.
  • Provide transportation to younger teens to help them put up film posters at businesses and community common areas.
  • Be available to be a sounding board for your child’s efforts to reach out.
  • Champion the film and its power for outreach to school, church and community leaders.
  • Coordinate with other parents and adult leaders to plan and support outreach efforts, underwrite costs and update local media outlets about activities and results.
  • Volunteer. Offer to serve as a driver, scheduler, host, group communications director or discussion leader. Let event organizers know you're available to lend a hand to make outreach events happen.

A "Parents Too" Event


Don't feel like an outsider in your teen's life. To Save A Life gives an authentic view into the pressures and challenges your kids and their friends are facing. Seize the opportunities for engagement and dialogue.

  • Help coordinate an advance showing for event volunteers and parents.
  • Suggest and facilitate discussion following the show.
  • Encourage your pastor to launch a study for parents or entire families using a Church or Family Curriculum Kit. Better yet, volunteer to lead a small group.

Launch a Deeper Discussion


The Movie Event Package includes discussion questions for parents and their kids. Get started with these.

  • Which character are you most like? Why? How are you different from that character? Which character are you the least like? Why?
  • In one conversation, Chris told Jake, "At some point, I guess you just have to ask yourself what you want your life to be about." God created each of our lives for a purpose. What do you want your life to be about?
  • Check out Ephesians 4:32. Jake made a Web page to help students who are feeling alone and depressed. Jake and the youth group started eating lunch together and forming a community. What is something you and/or your youth group could do to reach out to the hurting and lonely?


Parents Kit

Everything a family needs to study the To Save A Family materials at home, including a six-session DVD with movie clips, Parent's Guide and more.


Dig into themes from the movie!


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