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"It opens doors for students to talk with trusted leaders on where they see themselves in the story." —Doug Fields, Founder: Simply Youth Ministry Founder

"A wake-up call for all teenagers to the fact that they are on this earth to express the love of God on their campus, in their family and in their communities." —Ron Luce, President Teen Mania

"An excellent film ... relevant and thought provoking." —Josh McDowell, Speaker and Author

"Offers many opportunities for outreach and opening the door for deep discussions around things that matter to teenagers." —Hank Hilliard, Director of Young People's Ministry Development, United Methodist Church

"Youth workers, parents and teachers should definitely capitalize on this opportunity. Riveting conversations will follow." —Craig Detweiler, Reel Spirituality Institute & Fuller Theological Seminary

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"To Save A Life has changed my church and community. Our youth group has almost doubled, and parents have started coming to church because they are seeing their kids lives changed. The adult congregation is growing as well. I am so blessed at the changed attitudes of our kids and touched by how many adults have come for marriage counseling as a result of To Save A Family. Thank you for making the ministry tools available to the church!" —Pastor from Bainbridge, IN

"Jesus is the only hope teenagers have. And that's what this movie is about. I told our youth pastor that we've got to do whatever it takes to get kids to see this movie." —Gary, South Bay Community Church

"It really geared our students toward our Disciple Now. We saw God do some huge things and baptized 30 students that Sunday in our church service." —Lee

"Seeing the movie and starting the Youth Curriculum has begun a transformational process within our group. Even from the first night, kids’ lives were touched and changed in an eternal way because of what God was doing through the material, the movie and our team of volunteers and leaders." —Brandon

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"I was inspired. I felt like I actually COULD make a difference." —Erin

"I used to cut to make myself feel better. I would do anything to impress people to like me, and I even went so far as to almost kill myself just so I could be known to people. Then I went to this movie, and it has changed me dramatically. I am a new person, seeing God in my life now, and it is just amazing." —Ashley

"Haven't been the same since. Very touching movie, addresses the very subjects we face as teens. 'What's the point of all this if we don't let it change us?'" —David

"This was the best movie I have ever seen. I know what it feels like to be all alone, and it really feels good when someone comes up to you and talks to you. ... I will try my hardest to reach out to people from now on!." —Shaela

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For Sharing To Save A Family with your community:

  • Buy out an entire showtime and invite families to attend.
  • After the movie hand out invitations to your church’s sermon series and small group study
  • Host a Parenting Seminar and bring in experts on relevant teen problems to help parents address these issues
  • Begin Celebrate Recovery groups for adults and Life Hurts God Heals groups for teens to help families heal and start fresh

Teens and parents love movies. Use themes and clips from To Save A Life to bring them together and strengthen families in your church and community!

You work with families, and you know that they're in crisis. In the face of divorce, financial pressures, hectic schedules, and peer pressure, raising a strong Godly family can be tough and seem impossible. And parent and teen relationships are as complicated as ever.

To Save A Life has the power to bring teens and parents together and open dialogue about the issues that matter most. Now you can show the movie in your church and combine it with a To Save A Family Church-wide Campaign, featuring clips and lessons from the movie. Build your biggest outreach ever and enhance your efforts to offer help and direction to families in your community with a To Save A Life Movie Event.


  • Turning your youth room or auditorium into a theater packed for a meaningful family movie night at your Movie Event.
  • Teens and parents who wouldn’t normally visit your church opening up during discussions about the movie’s themes.
  • Those families coming back for a seven-week study, growing in faith and learning to reach out to others.
  • Your youth group living out love in action like never before and transforming their schools and community.

Imagine the difference this effort can make and how it can grow your church both in numbers and in spiritual depth!

How to launch your movie event:

Step 1 — Show TO SAVE A LIFE at your church: Order a Movie License!

Plan a Movie Event at your church so everyone can experience this life-changing film.

To show a movie outside a home, you'll need a license. To Save A Life is not covered by CVLI — public licenses are exclusively provided by The To Save A Life Movie License Package includes everything you'll need to plan, promote and host your event.

Step 2 — Launch a six week Sermon Series or Church Campaign to Help Adults

While the youth go deeper with the one of the Youth Curriculums, help the adults in your church apply the principles from the film, too, with a Church and Family Curriculum Kit. Topics include:

  • Strong Families Know Each Other! Love better, listen well, and pay attention.
  • Strong Families Fight Well! Resolve conflicts by using biblical principles and practical, step-step method.
  • Strong Families Raise Good Decision-Makers! Raise children who make good choices.
  • Strong Families Forgive! Understand why and how to forgive others and yourself.
  • Strong Families Have Faith! Pass a strong faith along to your children.
  • Strong Families Leave a Legacy! Learn to teach and inspire members of the next generation

Step 3 — Start To Save A Family Small Groups and Home Groups

This six-week study combines clips from the To Save A Life movie, thought provoking discussion questions, memory verses, real life stories, weekly goals and activities to help strengthen families and develop faith-filled children. The study can be used in adult small groups and classes and then shared with children, or can be studied by an individual family outside of a group.

To Save A Life Small Group Leaders Kit

To Save A Family Parent's Kit

Step 4 — Equip Members to Share the Story with Others!

To Save A Life DVDs

A movie can’t change the world, but the person watching it can. To Save A Life is all about being a person that shows others they have value. Challenge your members to get a copy of the movie and share it with a teen in their life. Make it more affordable by ordering them in bulk!

SAVE 40% off the retail price!
Buy 1-2 packs for $149.76/pack of 10 ($14.97 each)

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Buy 3 packs or more for $124.80/pack of 10 ($12.48 each)

Step 5 — Get the word out to your community

Family campaigns are naturally appealing, so use this opportunity to extend invitations to your neighbors living around your church. The topic is timely, compelling, and should generate great interest. Help families deepen their faith and provide guidance for raising strong children who can make a difference in the world with the To Save A Family Products.

To Save A Family Direct Mail Postcards

To Save A Family Door Hangers

To Save A Family Outdoor Banners

To Save A Family Invite Cards

Take the Next Step

  • Step 1: Plan a Movie Event for your church. The Movie Event Package includes a complete planning guide filled with ideas and resources to prepare and accomplish every step.
  • Step 2: Launch a To Save A Family church campaign or sermon series to start the weekend after your Movie Event. Order a Church Kit and get sermons, video illustrations, and other resources to help you plan a six-week series.
  • Step 3: Encourage Sunday school classes and small groups to use the Study Guide and Small Group Leader's Kit for a six-week study that will strengthen and encourage families.
  • Step 4: Get the word out to your community. Unleash your teens and families to use the available tools to spread the word through online networks and personal connections. You can also send direct mail postcards and empower your members with InviteTickets to give their friends!

Special Church Version


Concerned some of the PG-13 content in the movie won’t play well at your church? The producers made a specially edited version of the movie for Movie Event use in churches.

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For sharing To Save A Family with your community:

  • At the Movie Event, hand out invitations to your church’s sermon series and small group study.
  • Host a Parenting Seminar and bring in experts on relevant teen problems to help parents address these issues.
  • Begin Celebrate Recovery groups for adults and Life Hurts God Heals groups for teens to help families heal and start fresh.


Youth Curriculum

Dig deeper with these youth curriculums!


Devotionals to help teens dig deeper into the themes from the movie!


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