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"Really one of my favorite movies. That's probably because it feels like the world I know — the world high schoolers live in. It gives us a voice. I hope every sees it." —Zach Hunter, Teen Author and Speaker

"An excellent film with a poignant message that challenges teenagers with the fact that their actions and their inaction shape the lives of their classmates every day. —Kirsten Haglund, Miss America 2008

"To Save A Life is more than a movie, it's an invitation to be a part of something bigger than yourself. —Brooklyn Lindsey, Youth Worker & Author, Confessions of a Not-So-Supermodel

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"To Save A Life has changed my church and community. Our youth group has almost doubled, and parents have started coming to church because they are seeing their kids lives changed. The adult congregation is growing as well. I am so blessed at the changed attitudes of our kids and touched by how many adults have come for marriage counseling as a result of To Save A Family. Thank you for making the ministry tools available to the church!" —Pastor from Bainbridge, IN

"Jesus is the only hope teenagers have. And that's what this movie is about. I told our youth pastor that we've got to do whatever it takes to get kids to see this movie." —Gary, South Bay Community Church

"It really geared our students toward our Disciple Now. We saw God do some huge things and baptized 30 students that Sunday in our church service." —Lee

"Seeing the movie and starting the Youth Curriculum has begun a transformational process within our group. Even from the first night, kids’ lives were touched and changed in an eternal way because of what God was doing through the material, the movie and our team of volunteers and leaders." —Brandon

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"I thought about killing myself. I cut. My life is just messed up. This movie helped me a lot in realizing that my life is worth living and that there are many people who care about me. It literally saved my life." —Debra

"When I saw this movie, something changed. Maybe I was feeling God and for the first time actually letting him in. This movie has truly changed my life and has helped me to have a part of my self be reborn." —Nicole

"I haven't been a troubled teen, and I don't know what it's like to want to take my own life. But I DO know this: This movie changed me. I want to save lives." —Alyx

"I was inspired. I felt like I actually COULD make a difference." —Erin

"I used to cut to make myself feel better. I would do anything to impress people to like me, and I even went so far as to almost kill myself just so I could be known to people. Then I went to this movie, and it has changed me dramatically. I am a new person, seeing God in my life now, and it is just amazing." —Ashley

"Haven't been the same since. Very touching movie, addresses the very subjects we face as teens. 'What's the point of all this if we don't let it change us?'" —David

"This was the best movie I have ever seen. I know what it feels like to be all alone, and it really feels good when someone comes up to you and talks to you. ... I will try my hardest to reach out to people from now on!." —Shaela

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You care about your campus. Make it a better place. Reach out. Here's how.

It's time to tear down the walls. To Save A Life is a powerful indie movie about the challenges and choices of real teen life. And it dares to deal with acceptance, hurt, love, social divisions, school violence, cutting, suicide, underage drinking, teen pregnancy and divorce.

But even more, it's the centerpiece of the biggest teen outreach ever. At some point, everybody has to decide: "What's my life going to be about?" To Save A Life brings that question into your world, encouraging you and your friends to answer it with boldness, honesty and compassion.


Show the Movie at Your School, Church or Group


Turn your youth room or auditorium into a movie theater. The Movie Event Package or License lets you show TO SAVE A LIFE to as big a group as you want. Send your youth worker, teacher, coach, parents, etc. to get all the details about the Movie Event Package.

  • Team up with other schools or youth groups.
  • Talk with teachers or other community leaders about hosting a Movie Event. Try Young Life, FCA, Boys and Girls Clubs, YMCA—wherever you're involved.
  • Invite every kid in town.
  • Choose a skateboard drive-in or Hollywood premiere theme.
  • Start a conversation about stuff that really matters—by inviting a friend to a movie. It's a no-brainer.
  • Think of one person you'd like to bring—maybe someone you'd like to get to know better, a friend who is struggling or a friend who has questions about faith.
  • Older students invite a younger student to attend with them—for instance, seniors invite freshmen, or college students invite high schoolers of the same gender for a mentoring opportunity.
  • The possibilities are endless for you to be create your own fun event and to discuss the powerful movie. It can change your whole school, youth group, community—even you and your friends.

Spread the Word


All you need is a little creativity to let the whole city know about your Movie Event.

  • Share trailers and digital resources from
  • Spread the word through Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Twitter, blogs and other social networks.
  • Post an announcement on your website.
  • Write about it in your school newspaper or website.
  • Send email and text blasts.
  • Start a text chain and tell your friends to pass on the message.
  • Notify local press outlets (newspapers, community magazines, TV and radio stations) about your event.
  • Wear the love. Share the love. T-shirts and slap bracelets make great conversation starters.
  • Put up film posters at businesses and community common areas.
  • Encourage your network to make personal invitations.
  • Donate tickets to your favorite radio station for on-air giveaways.

Start a Study


To Save A Life covers a lot of issues. Go deeper by talking about them together. Get help from a youth worker, teacher or counselor or some guidance on the serious stuff that can come up.

  • Tell your youth leaders to get the Youth Curriculum Kit for your group.
  • Download Devo2Go audio devotionals. Listen to one a day (for all 36 days) and talk about it with your friends. You can even download a free sample to get started.
  • Read and discuss To Save A Life the novel. There's even additional scenes and backstory included.

Make a Difference


Your actions can save a life. Try these every day.

  • Make a new friend—better yet, five or 10 new friends. Start by introducing yourself.
  • Start a Lunch Club. Eat together in a public place. Who do you see sitting alone? Invite them to join you.
  • Text a friend. "UR a Gr8 friend. Thanks for being there for me. Chk out this Gr8 movie. Watch the trailer"
  • Help your leaders plan a Movie Event.
  • Share your story. Post yours here. Share ideas and triumphs on Facebook and invite new fans.
  • Get help. Find a mentor like Chris in the movie. Talk to your group leader or contact one of these organizations.
  • Be help. Share these links with those dealing with tough issues.

Be the Bridge Between Schools


To Save A Life is about reaching out. Start now by inviting a rival school (or team or club or youth group) to a joint Movie Event.

  • Talk with your principal or teachers to help organize. Get teachers or youth workers involved to help with details and organization.
  • Connect with in your youth group or on your club team who attend different schools.
  • Have a special assembly to watch the movie. Then have a party and discussion afterward.
  • Have one or several school counselors on hand to lead a group discussion after the movie.


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