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"It opens doors for students to talk with trusted leaders on where they see themselves in the story." —Doug Fields, Founder: Simply Youth Ministry Founder

"A wake-up call for all teenagers to the fact that they are on this earth to express the love of God on their campus, in their family and in their communities." —Ron Luce, President Teen Mania

"An excellent film ... relevant and thought provoking." —Josh McDowell, Speaker and Author

"Offers many opportunities for outreach and opening the door for deep discussions around things that matter to teenagers." —Hank Hilliard, Director of Young People's Ministry Development, United Methodist Church

"Youth workers, parents and teachers should definitely capitalize on this opportunity. Riveting conversations will follow." —Craig Detweiler, Reel Spirituality Institute & Fuller Theological Seminary

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"This is what all youth ministries have been waiting for and what every youth ministry needs! It's nothing short of amazing!" —Damien

"BEST dialogue we have ever seen. Kids saw themselves and others in movie and were open to talk about their lives." —Jim

"So many teaching points. Today's youth reality." —Shannon

"We saw God do some huge things and baptized 30 students that Sunday in our church service." —Lee

"I asked the parents, 'What's up?' Their response amidst tears was, 'We're just so impressed and happy for our children and how they are being touched.'" —Marilyn

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"This movie saved my life. Last night I attempted suicide but didn't succeed, and my confirmation sponsor asked if I wanted to go see it today. As much as I didn't want to, I did and it made me think so much." —Nicole

"I was inspired. I felt like I actually COULD make a difference." —Erin

"I used to cut to make myself feel better. I would do anything to impress people to like me, and I even went so far as to almost kill myself just so I could be known to people. Then I went to this movie, and it has changed me dramatically. I am a new person, seeing God in my life now, and it is just amazing." —Ashley

"Haven't been the same since. Very touching movie, addresses the very subjects we face as teens. 'What's the point of all this if we don't let it change us?'" —David

"This was the best movie I have ever seen. I know what it feels like to be all alone, and it really feels good when someone comes up to you and talks to you. ... I will try my hardest to reach out to people from now on!." —Shaela

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Using this film + products inspired by the story, you'll see students:

  • Reaching out to friends
  • Encountering God in a transformational way
  • Providing hope and help on their campuses

You've devoted your life to hanging, listening and working with teens. You know they're hurting and you know the hope and healing available to them through a real relationship with GOD.

The writer of To Save A Life is just like you. Jim Britts is a seasoned youth worker who his film degree from BIOLA University to work. The movie was inspired by a passion to reach teenagers with life-affirming entertainment—the kind of movie youth workers, parents and student leaders can get behind… and the kind of movie teens would love!


  • Each of your students inviting one or more of their friends to your youth group (turned into a temporary movie theater). Your group could double with a To Save A Life Movie Event.
  • Teens who wouldn't normally visit your group opening up during discussions about the movie's themes.
  • Those students coming back to your youth group for a study, growing in their faith and learning to reach out to others and find daily strength in the Bible.
  • Your kids living out love in action like never before and transforming their schools and community.

Teens love movies. Help them be missional, grow in their faith and learn to reach out to others, and ask the question: What's my life going to be about? Imagine the difference this effort can make and how it can grow your group both in numbers and in spiritual depth!

How to launch your movie event:

Step 1 — Show TO SAVE A LIFE to your youth group: Order a Movie License

To show a movie outside a home, you'll need a license. To Save A Life is not covered by CVLI — public licenses are exclusively provided by The To Save A Life Movie License Package includes everything you'll need to plan, promote and host your event.

Step 2 — Dig into the Movie with a Youth Series

Use one (or both!) of these studies to help teens unpack issues from the movie. Both studies include clips from the movies to start conversations!

To Save A Life Youth Curriculum Kit

Life Choices Youth Curriculum Kit

Step 3 — Help Students Go Deeper

It can be tough to get teens to read and study on their own, but with these unique tools they will want to get started! The To Save A Life youth products are designed to be accessible and fun for teens, speaking to them about problems they understand with ideas and solutions they can get behind.

Step 4 — Equip Students Reach Their Friends!

To Save A Life DVDs

A movie can’t change the world, but the person watching it can. To Save A Life is all about being a person that shows others they have value. Challenge your students to get a copy of the movie and watch it with someone who needs a friend. Make it more affordable by ordering them in bulk!

SAVE 40% off the retail price!
Buy 1-2 packs for $149.76/pack of 10 ($14.97 each)

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Buy 3 packs or more for $124.80/pack of 10 ($12.48 each)


Your students will love to read more about the characters from To Save A Life!


Teens around the country are wearing To Save A Life t-shirts and their friends are asking what it’s all about. Create excitement about your Movie Event and your youth group series.


Teens love the reminder to live their life focused on loving the people around them.


Student Outreach Night


Give students an easy way to get the conversation started about things that really matter

  • Encourage students to bring one friend they'd like to get to know better, a friend who is struggling or a friend with questions about faith.
  • Conversation Cards are provided with the Movie Event so you can equip your students with an easy way to follow up with their friends in meaningful ways.
  • Encourage mentoring by having older students invite younger students.

Make It a Group Project


Teens who have seen To Save A Life want their friends to see it, too. Get your students involved in brainstorming and planning an outreach event they can take ownership in.

  • Give Them an Advance Showing. Show your group of teens the movie ahead of time. They'll be excited to bring their friends and ready to dialogue and reach out during the actual Movie Event.
  • Unleash your promotional team—your teens. Use the tools provided in the Movie Event Package to post announcements around your town and where your teens hang out online.

Create a Competition


Coordinate with other area youth groups, schools, churches, teams, clubs and businesses. Compete to see which group can bring the most members and friends, but keep it friendly by awarding a cheesy prize at your Movie Event.

  • Create a Facebook or MySpace event page to post running totals and drive information and interest. The Movie Event Package includes instructions for building a free, customized To Save A Life event Web site.
  • Use the solidarity of the joint effort to highlight the importance of reaching beyond normal divisions to make a difference in the lives of those hurting most.

Rent a Multiplex — or at least a single screen


Show the movie at a theater near you. The Movie Event Package includes details on how to rent a 35mm reel (additional cost) and tips on coordinating with a theater to give your Movie Event a true big screen experience.

Give It a Theme


What's an event without a theme to get excited about? Try these or come up with your own.

  • Hollywood Red Carpet Premiere. Rent a red rug and gather the paparazzi cameras for the arrival of teen-filled, rented limos. Make a rule that all formal wear must be bought at thrift stores or come from another decade.
  • Call the Lifeguards. Play up the life-saving theme with lifeguard t-shirts, life preservers, sunscreen—and truckloads of sand to create your own beach!
  • Make It a Film Festival. Recreate the movie theater experience in your youth room or sanctuary. Break out the popcorn machine and Raisinettes. Show student produced short films before the main feature.

Lead a Book Study


Is the book better than the movie? Only one way to find out. But readers have raved about the novel, and some youth workers have used it as a study and discussion tool.

"I ordered 10 books to begin with. I thought that most of my group would not read the book and be just satisfied with me telling them the story. So far I have handed out 30 books, and my kids are passing the book on to friends after they complete reading it. This is the most powerful tool I have used in a long time. My kids are so geeked it is unbelievable!" —Mike, youth worker

A "Parents Too" Event


Parents don’t want to feel like outsiders in their teen's life. To Save A Life gives them an authentic view into the pressures and challenges theirs kids are facing. Share your vision with parents and invite them in to plan and host a Movie Event. The power of a passionate parent can be a beautiful thing.

  • Host an advance showing for parents. Discuss the film afterward, and sign up volunteers for your Movie Event.
  • Dialogue with parents about the content their kids will be seeing and explain its PG-13 rating. The Movie Event Package includes templates you can customize to communicate with moms and dads.
  • Start To Save A Family small groups or Sunday school classes to help parents learn how to strengthen relationships in their family. Learn more.


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