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Your biggest outreach for teens… ever!

Teens are hurting. They're bombarded with challenges and choices their parents never had to consider. Pressures blindside them daily as they face choices that will impact their lives forever. There's an urgent need to bring teens help and hope.

Our dream is for students to see To Save A Life with their friends and then live differently on their campuses. We want every teen in North America to have the chance to see this movie then discuss its characters and themes in a safe setting—like your youth group, school, church or small group study.

Now you can customize that vision and use To Save A Life to build your own outreach to the teens and families in your community.

Save lives... show To Save A Life.
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  • An event that your students are so excited about that they invite all their friends.
  • An outreach event that lives on beyond that one night and transforms the lives of students, their families, their friends and their campuses.
  • The largest youth outreach you've ever held with a follow-up study that helps students go deeper and encounter God's plan for their lives.

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